Our second floor space features a gorgeous hardwood floor, huge windows that let in the creamiest light, spa bathroom and additional office space for your business meeting needs.

 the space

For photographers & small event hosts alike.

Studio rental

The goal is to be affordable. When you are taking venue space into consideration, we want to be the least of your worries. Tables and chairs are available for your events, and custom sets are also available upon request!
See below for further information!

The cost

Opening this up for photographers and small events was basically out of love for others and the desire to spread community over competition. I wanted to have an affordable place for others to create art and host small, important life events.

The idea

inquire about your date

booking information



$25 for 20 minutes
$60 for one hour

This includes: 
bed set, seamless backdrop, access to linen closet, large bathroom/changing area, luxe seating area.


$250 for 3 hours of time + amenities

$450 for 5 hours of time + amenities

This includes:
discount package to network businesses, access to linen closet for decor, large bathroom/changing area, luxe seating area.

time includes set-up/tear down.

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