Boudoir Info

First we will chat about what kind of session you are looking for. Whether that be a bridal boudoir, regular session, or a creative shoot, I am always excited to get new ladies on the calendar for this experience. After we have a consultation, you can decide if you want to pay the session fee and sign the contract to get the ball rolling.



After the session fee is paid and the contract is signed, you'll get added to the calendar. If you are booking a mini session then you would just pay the bundle price in full. You should check out the lingerie guide to get started shopping now!

SHOOT DAY! You will be greeted into our studio by professional hair and makeup to kick off your session. The studio is blocked off for 4 hours for hair and makeup and the shoot, but it rarely takes that long. We just want to make sure that everyone is relaxed and comfortable. I will pose you and coach you through the entire photoshoot, and the posting instructions are simple! 



Two weeks or so after your session we will link up to view your final gallery and check out printed art samples at the studio. We will place a print order that day! Most clients pay in full, but if you want to set up a payment plan, just put $200 toward the balance and we can set up payments from there!

When your products arrive or your payment plan is paid off, we will get together for delivery and you can enjoy the fruits of your bravery.


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