Getting stuck in a rut.

february 13, 2019

I know you've heard someone say that when you ask them how they're doing.
"Same shit, different day."

I don't want that to be how I feel about my career. This is exactly why I set time aside for creative projects. Don't be confused here, I LOVE shooting boudoir. But, getting involved with styled shoots and group shoots is a way for me to enjoy photography as a hobby without pressure, and NOT be the boss for a day (yes, I said it). 

I love cultivating new friendships with people more talented than I can ever hope to be. I enjoy the feeling of being in a network of creative individuals that is willing to help me get better- but also thinks that I am doing great right where I am. That is called community, people! I really hope that I can pay back this kindness to other photographers who are just getting started. 

We don't all learn the same way, and let me tell you what- there were times when I just had to let people better than me just completely shit on my work so that I could take it and motivate myself to get into gear. But that is what worked for me. I hope to encourage someone else's career with a little more mercy. 

I attended a group shoot at the American Sign Museum on Monday and it was KILLER. Talk about adapting to light- it was a total maze of color. There were creatives there of all levels and that didn't even matter because when we're all coming to the shoot for a different reason, the playing field is even. I was not Beighliebird Boudoir for a day, and that feels nice. Of course I am ready to dive back into tub shots and #TushyTuesday, but I never want to put myself in a place to be dealing with the "same shit" on a "different day". No thanks.

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